The Latest from the Head Master’s Desk : 14 August 2015

As parents you would have received your son’s Academic Report last week.  The report is based on how your son has performed over the past six months.  There are a number of areas we are concerned about and some of our boys have not done well.  Please study your son’s report and discuss it with him.  For your son to improve, it is important that all three parties – your son, you as parent and the school – work together.  Your son is the most important member of this partnership.  The school is busy studying the results and we will get together next week to look at an intervention strategy. 
As Parents you need to take control.  Check if your son has a homework and revision timetable.  Has he set himself goals for the year?  Is he doing homework every evening?  How much time does he spend on his work in the evenings?  Where is his cell phone at that stage?  In a few months your son will be writing the end of year exams and time is running out.
We had to cancel some of the Sport the previous weekend but we did manage to play some.  The 1st Football side was leading 2-1 against Kloof High when we had to stop the match due to lightning.  The 7s Rugby side won the Crawford La Lucia Tournament, in the process comfortably beating teams like Kearsney, Westville and Hilton.  We have very good athletes at the school and 7s Rugby is one of the sports that we can become very good at.  With it being an Olympic sport, it is now drawing the publicity and sponsorships that will make it an even bigger sport than it currently is.  We are putting more effort into this sport and it is already reaping the benefits.
Congratulations to our Badminton team who won the SA Schools Championships, beating Hoerskool Fichardtpark 3-1 in the Final. 
I found a very good article on the Web that deals with effective parenting.  We all want to be good parents and we often base our style on how our parents brought us up. There are some basic methods that will never change but the world has changed so much and our children are exposed to so much more, that we have to find new ways to deal with these challenges.  Sometimes we also listen to other parents and we copy what they do.  As mentioned, I found a very good article on the Web that I would recommend you read. I have included the Web address below:

L M Erasmus

14th Head Master

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