Latest from the Head Master’s Desk : 16 October 2015

We are back for the last term of the year.  This is a very short term but it will be a very busy term with the Matrics writing their NSC examinations and the rest of the boys their finals too.  Not to forget about all the other activities like Speech Day, Final Assembly for the Matrics, Sport commitments and Cultural activities.
Seeing that we are nearing the exams I want to asked parents to ensure that their sons prepare properly for the upcoming exams.  Here a few things they need to do and you as parents should check on:

  • He needs to sit at a desk.  It is not advisable to lie on a bed or in a lounge chair.  He will be asleep in no time.  Especially if he studied till late on the day before.
  • By now he should have a study timetable on his wall in his room.  It needs to be visible so that he, as well as you as parent, is able to monitor it.  He does not want you to ask him every time he takes a break, why he is not working and when he will be back at his desk.  If he has a timetable up, you will be able to see when his study times are and when he takes his breaks. 
  • He needs to get fresh air when he takes a break.  A walk in the garden will work wonders.
  • He needs a quiet room, away from all noise and other distractions.  Insist that he puts his electronic devices in another room and on silent. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep.  Your brain needs time to subconsciously digest everything you’ve put into it.

The day of the Exam:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast.  Breakfast provides your son with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration in the exams.
  • Be punctual.  If your son is late for his exams, his anxiety levels will increase, which then adds to the stress he already experiences.
  • Make sure he leaves the house in the correct uniform and he is neat, clean shaved and his hair is acceptable.  He will be confronted on this when he arrives at school.  Again, it will add to his levels of stress.
  • Ask him how his exam went.  By showing interest you build up a relationship of trust with your son.  If he says to you that he struggled with the paper, then you need to calm him down and encourage him for the next exam.   


  • Your son needs a routine.  When he studies and when he takes his breaks, meals etc. should be worked out and visible for you as parent to see.
  • Your son should not go out in the evenings until after the exams.  The time for parties and get-togethers is after the exams.
  • Check on him from time to time.  Especially if no-one is at home during the day.
  • Your son should work through past papers.  There are a number of them with memoranda on the internet.

This weekend we are playing Cricket and Basketball against Kearsney College.  Earlier in the week we beat Kearsney in Water Polo and the Cricketers beat Durban North College in a T20 competition.   

Leon Erasmus

14th Head Master

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