Vacancies for Housemasters at Blackmore House


The following vacancies for Housemasters currently exist at Blackmore House:
1 x Housemaster Position
2 x Student Housemaster Positions
Vision Statement:
Producing young men of integrity and excellence who will form the backbone of our school and eventually of our nation.
Mission Statement:
To provide a safe and welcoming environment that will encourage boys to reach their full potential in all spheres of life by getting maximum use out of the rich resources and heritage available at DHS.
We achieve this by:

  • Providing accommodation that is clean, well maintained and suitable for boys who are active, robust and adventurous.
  • Serving meals that are healthy, balanced and can provide consistent energy levels throughout the day.
  • Ensuring that all boys are actively and regularly participating in the extra-mural programme of the school.
  • Ensuring that all our masters are properly trained to provide guidance in both academic and personal matters.
  • Providing suitable facilities and resources for boys to study, do homework, complete projects and pursue academic excellence in.
  • Providing supervised Prep Sessions where boys can study, do homework, complete projects and be provided with assistance that will ensure that each boy is given the opportunity to reach his full potential.
  • Giving access to suitable recreational facilities both on the school grounds and in the Boarding Establishment.
  • Organising regular social and recreational opportunities where boys and masters can forge stronger relationships and deepen their sense of camaraderie.
  • Providing access to individual guidance through a mentoring programme.
  • Providing a clear understanding and consistent application of rules and responsibilities.

Blackmore House Team:
The successful candidate will work in a team comprising:

  • Deputy Headmaster: Boarding
  • The Senior Housemaster
  • The House Mother
  • 6 x House Masters
  • 2 x Student Housemasters
  • 11 Prefects

No. of Boys:
Together with the above team, the successful candidate will have the responsibility of caring for a total of 127 boys from Grade 8 – 12. Generally there are 25 boys per grade.
Roles & Responsibilities of Housemasters / Student Housemasters:
To ensure the fulfilment of the Vision and Mission Statements of Blackmore House by:

  • Contributing to the creation and implementation of a holistic developmental programme for all the boys living in Blackmore House.
  • Making maximum use of training and mentoring programmes offered by the school through the Senior Housemaster.
  • Helping to develop and implement social, physical and academic programmes that will ensure the proper integration of new boys and the continued happiness and participation of older boys.
  • Providing pastoral care to the specific boys assigned to him as well as to any Blackmore boys that may need this.
  • Ensuring that supervision and other duties proactively engages boys as far as possible.
  • Assisting with the consistent implementation of all rules and responsibilities.
  • Constantly seeking improved methods of ensuring the successful operation of Blackmore House.
  • Will do AT LEAST one week-day duty per week and AT LEAST three weekend duties per term.
  • Will be required to participate in House activities even when not on duty as the occasion may demand.
  • Be available to assist with guidance and counselling on an informal basis even when not doing a particular duty.
  • Attend Staff meetings once a week and meets with the Senior Housemaster at least twice a term for personal reflection and guidance.

Reports To: Senior Housemaster
It would be expected of the successful candidate to have the interests of Blackmore House as a PRIMARY FOCUS. As such he:

  • Will be expected to live in the house in the facilities provided on a full-time basis and not simply when on duty or attending meetings.
  • Take all meals with the boys wherever possible.
  • Participate in all activities planned for the whole House, even when not on duty.
  • If there is a clash with other responsibilities (including school responsibilities), this will first have to be cleared by the Senior Housemaster before another commitment may be taken.
  • Have the well-being of the boys and the House as a clear focus.
  • Preferably involved in coaching one school sport per term.

The accommodation for student housemaster positions is intended only for a single male. It consists of one large room. Ablutions are shared with other male staff members.
Accommodation for the housemaster position is a small two-bedroomed flat and would be suitable for a small family.
Application Process:
Please email an abbreviated CV and a short letter motivating your application to Mr Hellenberg at (Please copy in Mr Adam at )
CLOSING DATE: Friday, 4 November 2016

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