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The Nonpareil Academy has begun 2018 with lots of activity, learning and understanding of the modern approach of ‘autonomous learning’. This style of learning is more experiential and requires a type of learner to ‘manage’ his learning style. A facilitator and learner engage with the main concepts rather than the standard teacher only approach. This entails research to be done by the learners on their laptops in their own time enabling accelerated learning for those that show the initiative and creativity to advance their knowledge.
This Academy covers two assessment programmes. The Cambridge International Assessment is offered as well as an Extension of the Education Department’s syllabus. Both these programmes are run simultaneously with groups broken up into different areas of the venue to either do learning with a facilitator, collaborative learning as a group or their own research in cubicles.
It has been an exciting start with all of us having to change mind-sets to enable further learning. The young gentlemen have been very positive and are embracing the new style with enthusiasm. I have had some parents comment that it is the first time their sons have said they wish they could stay at school longer!
Ms Carolyn Dickinson
Director of Nonpareil Academy
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