Football vs Glenwood : 1st XI Match Report

1st XI vs Glenwood
1st XI vs Glenwood

Over the past 4 years Glenwood have dominated in Football, beating School 5-0 in 2017. On Saturday the rapidly improving DHS 1st XI took them on with a quiet confidence befitting School’s 152 year history.
Battle lines were drawn and at 12h00 on Saturday the game commenced, with a blue wave of energy surging and pressing, suffocating the Glenwood play makers deep in their own half. Decisive challenge after decisive challenge and fast break after energy-sapping fast break gradually began to rock the core of the guys in Green, causing them a great deal of frustration.
A call from DHS’ Captain Mthimkhulu echoed around the field, “Keep going, we have them!” This was another sign of the first half tactical dominance by DHS. Hlomuka and Thyssen, two speedy technicians, each took turns in testing the Glenwood keeper, only being denied by a combination of luck and the wood work. DHS’ back four, although tested, were seldom troubled in the first stanza, with goalkeeper Memela restricted to being the fulcrum of the Horseflies build up play. A fantastic first half drew to a close with the score still level at 0-0, but with DHS edging the balance of play, showing clearly their desire to be Durban’s number 1 Football school again.
The second half kicked off and, apart for a brief 5 minute period, it was more of the high intensity and stylish play from DHS. With 10 minutes left of the ferocious battle and, with DHS forcing Glenwood to remain in their defensive half, Bahlebonke Made received a pass from Buthelezi, after another fantastic high press, turned it to his left foot and, like a piston rod striking through the drive wheel, struck home the ball from 30 yards. The ball was hit so furiously it left the keeper startled by the strike and the energy and preciseness of his opponent.
When the referee called the game 10 minutes later, the final score was 1-0 and the triumphant Blue Express had made a bold statement.
Steve Bezuidenhout
Director of Football

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