Community Service at DHS


A huge thank you to the Boys and Staff of Durban High School for their donations to Open Air School for Casual Day. We managed to raise R 8 631.20.
It is a substantial amount that will be greatly appreciated.
A special thank you to Mr Pinheiro for his generous support of the event and for encouraging the school to participate.
Well done to 9D (Ms S Francis) for being the class that raised the most, R 1 000!!!! The prize for the class will be presented soon.
Open Air School has always been close to our hearts but even more so now as our Community Engagement boys spend every Wednesday morning during the Elective time with these precious children (Grade 1- 3).
Our boys who have mentored, nurtured and befriended the kids at Open Air School, in their very special and unique learning environment, have become so attached to the kids. The work, love and endless time and patience given to these differently-abled kids truly takes a special group of staff whom we are so happy to serve.
We are so proud of our continued relationship with Open Air School. The Staff and children pass on their appreciation for the help and support of Durban High School.
There has been nothing better than to see our boys gain so much from the interaction that has brought out their ability to nurture, develop leadership skills and humanity in them. I have witnessed our boys mature and gain a new found appreciation for life and learning through understanding and accepting these kids who are different in some ways but who all have the same love for life and learning as our boys do. To see the Open Air children’s eyes light up and have huge smiles on their faces when they see and interact with our boys as well as the teachers at Open Air who are so appreciative of the extra help during the lesson. The Open Air School kids are heroes every day for facing the challenges they do with so much courage and we are so grateful for all they have taught us.
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff and boys this term for all the donations for the various drives we have had; in total we have donated over R15 000 which Bright Eyes Centre, The Ethelbert Children’s Home and Open Air School will benefit from.
Thank you DHS for serving our community.
Ms Giselle Joshua
M-i-C : Community Service
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