From the Head Master’s Desk : 31 March 2020

Tuesday 31 March 2020, should have been the start of Term 2. When the year started; with all its promises and hopes, we certainly never imagined that presently we would be isolated at home in a worldwide lockdown. There is a lot of information being put out as to what we should or shouldn’t be doing at this time. It is certainly not easy for the Government to manage, as there is no existing manual offering guidelines for this process. I believe our State President has done well, relying on best practises from other countries who experienced the start of this pandemic before us. We all need to support the measures put in place, as this will allow us to get back to normality sooner.
It has certainly has also challenged us as a school and I commend all our staff for their efforts thus far. With very short notice, our Academic staff managed to put comprehensive Work Packs together for the boys (also available on the D6). Some staff continue to teach through either Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom and we continue to provide regular information about free Online Educational Platforms that are available at this time. The Staff will continue uploading work onto the D6 as and when required.
There is no doubt that the June holidays will be shortened, and all missed time will be made up before the end of the year. We are ready to teach from Lesson 1 on Day 1 when we return to school.
I can assure parents that their sons will not be disadvantaged academically in any way.
I also, at this time, need to commend our Admin, Grounds and Maintenance staff, who worked tirelessly up until Lockdown Day to ensure that we are fully ready to commence school as expected when we return.
As parents, your responsibilities become very different now. Boys function best in a structured routine, so it is important that it is provided at home as well. But it needs to be the right routine;  Playstation all day is not a routine.
A couple of hours a day doing school work. A slot each day to do physical activity to stay healthy (and sane). While this mental and physical development is important, the most important aspect parents should spend time on is the strengthening of their relationship with their son to ensure their emotional development. This is a time to be together; do things together; eat together (at a dining room table and not in front of the television) and talking to each other. I can assure you that a boy who is in an emotionally good head space will always be successful. Teaching and learning then becomes easy. As Fredrick Douglass stated: ‘It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.’
Use this time to build emotionally strong children.
I pray that as a nation, we heal soon. As families, that you remain healthy and as a school, that we return safely.
Deo Fretus
A D Pinheiro
15th Head Master


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