Farewell Mr Mike Balkissoon

Mr Mike Balkissoon
Mr Mike Balkissoon

Being from the ‘Old Guard’ he was a strong disciplinarian, and had very good classroom management skills.  While being dedicated to his classroom delivery he shared a very warm and cordial relationship with his learners.  As a colleague, Mr Balkissoon exuded a pleasant disposition and was an asset to the English department.  He went the extra mile and had become the trusted shoulder to lean on.  Over the years, Mr Balkissoon has made a huge contribution to the department of English and the ethos of the school as a whole.  His dedication and loyalty to DHS is exemplified by the fact that he saw travelling from Tongaat to Durban High School and back on a daily basis as a minor issue.  We will surely miss the charm, wit and charisma of Mr Balkissoon, a man who can only be described as an officer and a gentleman.
Thank you for your selfless service.  Go well, dear friend.  We hope to see you sometime in the near future.
Ms S Rabilall
English Educator
From Mr Balkissoon:
I started my career as an educator in 1966 after qualifying with a Senior Teaching Diploma at the Springfield College of Education; completed BA and BEd part time and have held positions of Educator, HOD, Deputy Principal, Principal and Acting-Superintendent in Management.
I taught at schools in Durban and the North Coast and retired in 1999. After a 3 year break, I returned to education as a Skills Development Facilitator for adults and then returned to the formal school system as a level one educator in 2007. I arrived at DHS in 2011 until retirement in July 2020.
During my career I taught English and  Matric English for about 20 years; and was a Matric sub-examiner for 15 years.
As a Matric educator, I had the privilege of interacting with Grade 12 boys for all my years at DHS. I enjoyed sharing with them the challenges of the world outside school, providing career directions and talking about personal relationships.
Having been a Matric sub-examiner for many years, I was able to share this experience with fellow educators and learners. I have assisted in editing and proofreading the annual DHS magazine for many years.
I have a keen interest in music and tutored many learners in beginner guitar.
On a personal level my interests are music, education and politics. I currently enjoy walking and cycling, having been an avid road runner in my earlier years. Having lived during the
time of Apartheid and into the formation of the new South Africa through to transformation, Nelson Mandela is a leader and statesman I greatly admire. One of the quotations which makes my role as an educator a more meaningful one is:
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something special.”
My time at DHS will always be a very memorable part of my career. I had the benefit of developing my own skills in the practice of education, especially in the use of technology.
The unique camaraderie that exists at DHS made my work extremely satisfying. The warm friendship I enjoyed with Management and Staff will always be special.
Mr M Balkissoon
English Educator

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