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Hockey & Rugby vs Kearsney @ Founders Day:

Hockey Results vs Kearsney:
1st XI      4-1 win
2nd XI     0-2 loss
3rd XI      1-0 win
U16A     3-3 draw
U16B     2-1 win
U16C     0-4 loss
U16D     0-1 loss
U16E      2-0 win
U14A     2-0 win
U14B     3-1 win
U14C     2-1 win
U14D     2-1 win

Rugby Results vs Kearsney:
1st XV    47-22 win
2nd XV   36-14 win
3rd XV    25-12 win
4th XV    10-10 draw
5th XV    12-15 loss
6th XV    12-35 loss
U16A     32-7 win
U16B     52-0 win
U16C     55-0 win
U15A     12-7 win
U15B     19-14 win
U15C     24-7 win
U15D     22-7 win
U14A     21-14 win
U14B     28-12 win
U14C     12-15 win

Hockey & Rugby vs Westville:

The DHS 1st XV were simply superb today, and produced one of the finest performances of a DHS 1st XV in recent times by beating Westville 43-19 on their Founders Day.

Congratulations to all boys and staff involved on this truly remarkable win. We are so incredibly proud of you.

It was an immense fixture throughout the day, with so many games in both Rugby and Hockey going down to the wire. Congratulations to Westville, who won the majority of fixtures in both sporting codes.

1st XV Rugby
2nd XV Rugby

Rugby Results:
1st XV    43-19 win
2nd XV   18-19 loss
3rd XV    25-0 win
4th XV    17-15 win
5th XV    12-30 loss
6th XV    29-5 win
U16A     0-5 loss
U16B     0-5 loss
U16C     0-10 loss
U16D     7-29 loss
U15A     10-12 loss
U15B     7-10 loss
U15C     12-14 loss
U15D     15-12 loss
U14A     29-17 win
U14B     21-33 loss

U14C     0-56 loss
U14D     7-27 loss
U14E      7-39 loss

Hockey Results:
1st XI      1-3 loss
2nd XI     2-1 win
3rd XI      1-1 draw
U16A     0-1 loss
U16B     1-0 win
U16C     0-5 loss
U16D     0-2 loss
U16E      0-1 loss
U14A     1-1 draw
U14B     0-1 loss
U14C     2-1 win
U14D     1-1 draw

Hockey & Rugby vs Michaelhouse:

A special mention must be made of our Hockey Programme on another superb day out, with the highlight definitely being the 5-0 victory for the 1st XI.

For the second consecutive week our 1st XV unfortunately went down in another titanic fixture, this time up at Michaelhouse, with the home side ending as much deserved winners. The score ended 31-27 in favour of Michaelhouse.

It is always a tough fixture up at House, and we would like to congratulate all of our boys in both Hockey and Rugby on their efforts today. There were both tough losses and brilliant victories.

Thank you to Michaelhouse for being such great hosts for the day.

Hockey @ Michaelhouse

Hockey Results:
1st XI      5-0 win
2nd XI     0-2 loss
3rd XI      0-1 loss
U16A     5-0 win
U16B     2-2 draw
U16C     1-1 draw
U16D     0-1 loss
U16E      0-0 draw
U14A     2-0 win
U14B     1-2 loss
U14C     2-0 win
U14D     2-1 win

Rugby Results:
1st XV    27-31 Lost
2nd XV   17-10 Won
3rd XV    14-15 Lost
4th XV    55-7 Lost
5th XV    55-7 Lost
6th XV    53-5 Lost
U16A     20-7 Won
U16B     12-8 Won
U16C     5-12 Lost
U16D     12-14 Lost
U15A     19-20 Lost
U15B     15-29 Lost
U15C     50-5 Lost
U15D     10-25 Lost
U14A     68-5 Won
U14B     28-7 Won
U14C     12-28 Lost
U14D     32-7 Won

Hockey & Rugby vs Northwood:

It was a memorable victory for the 1st XI Team, beating Northwood 1-0 at another highly entertaining and competitive Friday night of Hockey at School. Not much split the two schools, with all results being extremely close and played at the highest level.

Again, a huge congratulations to the 1st XI on an outstanding win. Our U16 Age group also continue to produce great results, producing a performance of immense character, coming from 2 goals behind to win 3-2 and continue their unbeaten start to the season.

Hockey Results:
1st XI      1-0 Win
2nd XI     0-1 Loss
3rd XI      0-3 Loss
U16A     3-2 Win
U16B     3-1 Win
U16C     0-4 Loss
U16D     0-0 Draw
U16E      0-0 Draw
U14A     0-1 Loss
U14B     1-4 Loss
U14C     0-1 Loss
U14D     0-1 Loss

DHS 1st XV beat Northwood 26-7. After a very tense and mostly flat first half which saw the score at halftime 7-7, our 1st XV managed to turn the game around and produce a fine second half performance, with the game ending at 26-7.

Rugby Results:
1st XV    26-7 Win
2nd XV   29-17 Win
3rd XV    36-0 Win
4th XV    10-25 Loss
5th XV    0-53 Loss
6th XV    0-14 Loss
U16A     12-17 Loss
U16B     20-5 Win
U16C     0-7 Loss
U16D     10-12 Loss
U15A     31-7 Win
U15B     24-0 Loss
U15C     24-0 Loss
U15D     38-5 Loss
U14A     12-0 Win
U14B     7-12 Loss
U14C     5-45 Loss
U14D     7-12 Loss
U14E      7-7 Draw

Hockey & Rugby vs Westville:

Friday 7 April was an incredibly successful evening for our Hockey programme who won 7, drew 1 and lost 3 games against Westville. The 1st XI had a great 2-0 victory whilst both the U16A and U14A also put-up good performances and won their games 2-1 and 1-0 respectively.

It was a fantastic afternoon and evening of fixtures between two great schools who both showed their qualities through some really high-class schoolboy hockey.

Hockey Results:
1st XI      2-0 win
2nd XI     3-1 win
3rd XI      0-2 loss
U16A     2-1 win
U16B     2-0 win
U16C     4-1 loss
U16D     1-0 win
U16E      0-3 loss
U14A     1-0 win
U14B     1-1 draw
U14C     2-1 win
U14D     0-1 loss

DHS 1st XV beat Westville 24-20. It was a mighty clash between School and Westville, with our 1st XV doing what was needed to secure a fantastic win against a great Westville side.

Congratulations to you all. Six games in less than 2 weeks is a monumental task and you simply keep doing us so incredibly proud.

U15A Rugby

Rugby Results:
1st XV    24-20 Win
2nd XV   40-10 Win
3rd XV    17-10 Win
4th XV    7-10 Loss
5th XV    7-31 Loss
6th XV    26-0 Won
U16A     24-27 Loss
U16B     17-10 Win
U16C     7-17 Loss
U16D     17-12 Win
U15A     15-10 Win
U15B     17-5 Win
U15C     14-10 Win
U15D     34-0 Win
U14A     40-10 Win
U14B     7-0 Win
U14C     42-0 Loss
U14D     27-5 Loss
U14E      34-20 Loss

Played 19, Won 12 and Lost 7.

Rugby and Hockey vs Hilton:

A tough day for School today up at Hilton, with many lessons to be learnt. Our 1st XV went down in an incredible game, with the score ending 33-34 in favour of Hilton.

Congratulations to our U14s in both Rugby and Hockey who managed to win all their fixtures. Many of the losses were tightly contested fixtures, with Hilton coming out on top.

Our Hockey Program once again did us extremely proud, winning the majority of their fixtures.

Rugby Results:

Rugby U14A

1st XV    33-34 Lost
2nd XV   19-17 Won
3rd XV    10-31 Lost
4th XV    05-47 Lost
5th XV    07-34 Lost
6th XV    12-17 Lost
U16A     12-19 Lost
U16B     25-26 Lost
U16C     7-21 Lost
U16D     22-7 Lost
U15A     12-15 Lost
U15B     35-15 Won
U15C     42-0 Won
U14A     22-5 Won
U14B     42-0 Won
U14C     43-10 Won
Played 16, Won 6, Lost 10

Hockey Results:

1st XI      4-3 Lost
2nd XI     3-3 Draw
3rd XI      0-4 Lost
U16A     4-1 Won
U16B     2-1 Won
U16C     2-0 Lost
U16D     2-2 Draw
U16E      0-1 Lost
U14A     3-0 Won
U14B     6- 1 Won
U14C     3-1 Won
U14D     6-3 Won
Played 12, Won 6, Lost 4, Drew 2


U16A Hockey

Hibbert Shield/Cup:

The DHS Hockey teams had a difficult start to their respective tournaments. The 1st XI putting up a fight against a high-quality SACS team which ultimately saw SACS come out with a deserved win, followed then by a performance with missed chances early in a game which saw them draw with the hosts, Pearson.

The U16s had a slow start in their first game, and had the same feelings as the 1st team. Having had copious amounts of goal scoring opportunities, it was Grey High that equalised halfway through the final chukka, the game ended 1-1.  Needing to right their wrongs, the boys came out with a much higher intensity against Waterkloof scoring inside the first two minutes. The final score was 6-0 to School.

The following day both teams qualified for both the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals in their respective tournaments. The 1st XI winning a nail-biting match, scoring the winner with just one-minute left on the clock in a game that they needed all 3 points to advance in the competition, otherwise they were out. They then played Paul Roos in their Quarter-Final, losing 3-2. In the play-offs the team lost 5-8 to Paarl Gim (5th-8th Play Off), and beat Clifton 5-0 (7th-8th Play Off) to place 7th in the tournament.

The U16A Team advanced to the top of their pool to the Quarter-Finals which saw them take on the tournament hosts, Pearson. The game was tightly fought in the first chukka but DHS eventually found their way, winning the match 5-1 and advancing through to the Semi-Finals where they beat Paul Roos 3-1 and advanced to the Finals. Sadly, the team lost 6-2 to SACS, however, placing 2nd overall in the tournament was a great result.

Independent Hockey Festival @ Michaelhouse:

Yesterday saw the conclusion of the U14 Hockey Independent Hockey Festival. The tournament started slowly, and slightly unexpectedly, for our U14 boys by going down to some strong opposition. However, they bounced back after learning a few very valuable lessons and managed to turn it around with three consecutive wins to finish.

We are really proud of these young gentlemen and we hope that they are able to use this experience to their advantage as the season goes on.

Once again, thank you to their coaches, Mr Manuel and Mr Goodwin for their efforts and to Mr Manuel for all of the photos.

U14A Hockey @ Michaelhouse

1st XI Coastal Cup Results:
vs St Albans        4-0 Win
vs Ashton            3-0 Win
vs Garsfontein  2-1 Win
vs Pearson          1-1 Draw
vs Paarl Boys’     3-0 Win

U16A Coastal Cup Results:
vs St Albans        4-0 Win
vs Clifton             7-0 Win
vs Garsfontein  3-0 Win
vs Paarl Boys’     3-0 Win

U14A Coastal Cup Results:
vs St Albans        3-0 Win
vs Garsfontein  3-0 Win
vs Clifton             1-2 Loss
vs Pearson          4-1 Win
vs Paarl Boys’     1-1 Draw




DHS were once

DHS Supporters @ Wildeklawer

again extremely proud to be participating in the Wildeklawer Sport Rugby Festival this year in Kimberley, which is considered as one of, if not the most, prestigious schoolboy rugby tournament in the country. Our teams enjoyed great success at our first ever appearance in the tournament last year, and they were excited to be part of this great festival again.

The highlight of School’s day at Wildeklawer most certainly belongs to the DHS U14A side, who beat Paul Roos 26-24 in the last movement of the game. Not only is this the first ever victory for our U14s at Wildeklawer, but also the first time in School’s history that our U14A have beaten Paul Roos.

The 1st XV, U16A and U15A also did School very proud with three very tight games. Some tough calls against all teams didn’t stop the determination of our boys and they all fought until the very end, showing true Horsefly passion.

Results were as follows:
1st XV vs HTS Drostdy      64-7 Win
U16A vs HTS Drostdy      0-8 Loss
U15A vs HTS Drostdy      24-27 Loss
U14A vs HTS Drostdy      12-14 Loss
1st XV vs Paul Roos           21-14 Loss
U16A vs Paul Roos           22-8 Loss
U15A vs Paul Roos           21-6 Loss
U14A vs Paul Roos           26-24 Win

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our incredibly special parents who have all made the journey to Kimberly to support our boys. You are all truly special.

1st XV Rugby Kearsney Festival

1st XV @ Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival:

The 1st XV once again participated in the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival, with their first game being against Worcester Gimnasium, and what a game it was. Unfortunately, our boys could not hold on, and went down in the last play of the game against Worcester with the score ending 31-36.

The 1st XV, in true Horsefly fashion, bounced back from a last-minute defeat on Day 1 of the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival to a brilliant 31-10 win against Framesby.

Lastly, the team played and beat Landbou 32-25. The game was on a knife edge the entire match as both teams gave it their absolute all. Up until the last play of the game at 25-25, School had a scrum on the halfway line. A superb set-piece move worked by DHS resulted in a last gasp, breath-taking try which sealed the 32-25 victory.

Congratulations to all players and coaches (Mr Engledow and Mr Uys), we are extremely proud of you all. You have once again done the DHS Family extremely proud.

Glenwood Rugby Festival:

U16A Rugby

The DHS U14A, U15A and U16A Rugby teams all participated in the Glenwood Rugby Festival and all were all unbeaten at the Festival. Congratulations to both players and coaches of U14A (Mr Allerston and Mr Van Niekerk), the U15A (Mr Pina and Mr Esterhuizen) and U16A (Mr Matthysen and Mr Mkhaliphi) on a great Festival.

U16A Results:
vs Montana                        52-5 Win
vs Eldoraigne                     43-0 Win
vs Heidelburg Volkskool 40-0 Win

U15A Results:
vs Montana                        52-0 Win
vs Heidelburg                    7-0 Win
vs KZN Development      62-0 Win

U14A Results:
vs Heidelberg                    61-0 Win
vs Marais Viljoen              68-0 Win
vs Montana                        42-0 Win


Noord/Suid Festival @ Nelspruit:

Rugby 2nd XV vs Nelspruit

It was another day to remember for DHS Rugby, as both our 1st XV and 2nd XV ended off their debut Noord/Suid campaigns by simply blowing away Nelspruit in both games.

After a heart-breaking 1-point loss to Affies, coupled with the heavy defeat for the 2nd XV against the same opposition, in true Horsefly fashion our boys turned around the disappointment into a display of phenomenal Rugby today. Congratulations to the 1st XV who won 35-7 and to our 2nd XV who won 44-0.

1st XV vs Nelspruit            35-7 Win
2nd XV vs Nelspruit           44-0 Win
1st XV vs Affies                  24-25 Loss
2nd XV vs Affies                 14-45 Loss


The DHS Rowing team participated in the 2023 RMB SA National Rowing Champs held at Roodeplaat Dam in Pretoria. A number of the boys achieved very commendable results.

The U18 coxed quad crewed by Joshua Meij (Bow), Hariv Pillay (2), Esethu Tshicila (3), Henro Bezuidenhout (stroke) and Tajh Salick (Cox) put in a dominant performance against university-age and men’s crews to win the Men’s Open C Division with a 1000m time of 3 minutes 54 seconds, beating the next-placed crew by over 7 seconds.

They were awarded Bronze medals for this performance. This crew (with Pillay substituted by Hakim Mthembu) placed 4th in South Africa for the Junior Men’s U18 Coxed Quad amidst fierce competition.

Bezuidenhout and Meij also placed second in the Men’s C Doubles race with a 1000m time of 3 minutes and 56 seconds, which was just over one second later than the winners, meaning that it was an incredibly tight race.

Overall, the boys acquitted themselves admirably both on and off the water, and our boys were paid several compliments regarding their dress and conduct throughout the weekend.



1st XI Football

Wednesday 19 April 2023 saw the open round of fixtures in the KZN High Schools Term 2 League.  DHS took on Hillcrest High School in their opening fixture, who are always a competitive team to play against. DHS ran out 2-0 winners, with Oluhle Canham and Sinalo Nyawose scoring the goals for School.  DHS Captain, Theo Brown, was named man of the match after a wonderful performance.

The second round of the KZN High Schools Football League took place on Wednesday 3 May. DHS played Kloof High School and won 2-0. Sphe Ndebele and Minenhle Vilakazi each scored goals for DHS.

To top off a great performance, DHS player Minenhle Vilakazi was named Man of the Match.

On Sunday 27 May 2023, DHS Football played host to another traditional school giant in Grey College.

The 1st Team’s game was closely fought out and the final whistle brought great joy as DHS proved eventual winners. Thanks to a goal from Oluhle Canham, the final score was 1-0. Aiden Quinn put in a Man of the Match performance with a commanding performance in the goals for DHS.

The results of the other games against Grey College were as follows:

U14        0-0 Draw
U15        0-1 Loss
U17        1-2 Loss


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