Culture at DHS

Culture is one of the things that make us human. Culture shifts history: Changing cultures can topple governments, alters global perceptions, creates or extinguishes conflicts.

Culture feeds off itself and is today a primary driver of human behaviour and society.

At DHS we recognise the huge need for human expression. This is a need that should be harnessed to enable an appropriate and full evolution of the individual. The time spent by a boy at high school provides a narrow window for opportunity. However, it is perhaps the most crucial developmental stage of his life.

To cater for this need we offer a wide range of cultural activities that encourages self-expression, enhances self confidence, facilitates the exploration of creativity and develops talents.

We have staff members who understand the wide and varied cultural needs of the individual. These members organise and manage these activities with passion and dedication. They spend countless extra hours of their time in the pursuit of excellence in their respective fields of expertise.

The Cultural Activities Committee, chaired by the Head of Cultural Activities, is a body that oversees cultural life at DHS. It also makes recommendations for awards made to

those who have excelled in various cultural spheres