Electives Programme

Electives Programme

The Electives Programme has been introduced to provide the boys of Durban High School with the opportunity to develop vital skills that are not necessarily addressed in the normal school curriculum.

These include critical and entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Electives Programme Selection

The different Electives have been carefully chosen to support the normal school curriculum and to address one or more of the following areas:

  • Electives that put theory into practice.
  • Electives that prepare boys for Tertiary Education.
  • Electives that prepare the boys for the working world.
  • Electives that develop citizenship and cultural intelligence.
  • Electives that enhance sporting and artistic skills (Sports Academy and Performing Arts Academy).

At DHS, we understand the importance of providing a diverse range of options for our learners to explore and excel in. With over 50 different electives to choose from, students have the opportunity to tailor their learning experience to their interests and aspirations. Our Electives programmes are not only varied but also Accredited, ensuring that students who participate will not only receive their matric certificate but also gain valuable certifications in their chosen electives. This comprehensive approach to education sets our learners up for success, equipping them with both a solid academic foundation and specialised skills that will benefit them in their future endeavours.

Some Of The Electives On Offer

  • Basic Life Support
  • Career Guidance
  •  Enviro Club
  •  Extending and Developing Thinking Skills
  •  Film & Television Production
  •  Financial Literacy
  •  Introduction to Coding
  •  Introduction to Cyber Security 
  •  JSE Challenge
  •  Logistics
  •  Machine Learning
  •  Microbit Robotics
  •  Photography
  •  Presidents Award
  •  Principles of Flight
  •  Python Coding
  •  Scriptwriting
  •  Sound & Lighting
  •  Sport
  •  Study Skills
  • Toastmasters
  •  Web Development