The Poetry Club at Durban High School consists of a group of boys who are passionate about the spoken word.

These learners meet twice a week to read, write and perform both for each other, as well as for larger audiences when the occasion arises.

These youngsters get to explore each other’s worlds through another’s eyes. They learn to recognise that each person is unique and has a valuable set of life experiences that informs the way they see the world. The boys are encouraged to be true to themselves whilst emphasising the principles of non- racism and non-sexism.

The concept of “slam poetry” or “Open Mic” is extremely popular as it affords them the opportunity to write, perform and compete on platforms where the audience either praises or “destroys” a performance through the snapping of their fingers

The Poetry Club helps our boys to find their voice through the creation of a safe environment that allows for trust and confidence to be built. They are able to build social and emotional skill sets. This gives the boys an opportunity to write from their hearts by drawing on what they are passionate about.